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Places of Interest - Bangli

Places of Interest - Bangli


The only regency in Bali that doesn't have costal area but it has Batur lake that become the major source of irrigation water for most of South and East Bali and a bit parts of the north. It has a cool, mountainous landscape
The ruling family of the region in 1700s is related to Klungkung kingdom. In their fought to neighbouring kingdoms of Klungkung, Karangasem, and Buleleng by the mid 1800s, Bangli was assisted by the Dutch. Contradictory, when they fought Mengwi kingdoms by the end of 1800s, Bangli joined their former enemies.

Abang, Mount

Lies on the eastern side of the crater southeast of Kintamani, is the highest point on Batur's outer crater with elevation of 2,152 meters. Climbing it is easier than climbing Gunung Batur but still demanding to get different panoramic view of the old Batur volcano. Some trails also lead to Truyan Village in the northern side of the mount slope.
Bangli Town
This clean and well-maintain small town has won several yearly provincial town competition. Perhaps, because of its cool temperature, the Bali's largest mental hospital is built within this up land town.



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